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Prenda's software training and support has helped hundreds of schools, libraries, and community organizations start and run code clubs
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“We are thrilled to be working with Prenda!”

– Rebecca Meehan
Woburn Public Library

No Expert Needed

Never coded a day in your life? You’re just what we’re looking for.

Ridiculously Easy

We’re talking the easiest program you’ve run your whole life.

Best Value

Services and prices designed for libraries, schools, and community orgs.

What Makes Prenda Different?

Let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of “learn to code” software out there. And there are new fancy options coming out every day. Some are free, others are quite expensive. But the problem isn’t a lack of learn-to-code software options, is it?

The problem is human nature! We could have the best software in the world, but most kids still wouldn’t learn how to code. Why? Because coding is hard, and on our own, we’re likely to give up. And when we give up, we’ve not only wasted time and money, but we’ve now convinced ourselves that we can’t learn how to code.

That’s why Prenda has no only sourced the best learn-to-code software out there, but we’ve put it together in a way that is collaborative. It’s the only coding program designed to be done in social settings, like your library, school, or community organization. 

And it’s the only coding program that doesn’t take a coding expert to run. Sound like something you can get on board with?

The Code Club Course

A free 7 day email course to jump start your DIY code club.

Weekly Interactive Webinar

Learn about what Prenda does in this free weekly webinar.

Transformational programming that matters.

No prep time required.
Don’t need to know how to code.

Consistently high attendance.

Give new job opportunities to kids.
Teach kids how to think rationally.
Your chance to change the world.

The Free Code Club Course

Every library. Every school. Every week. It's everything you need to know to get your DIY program off the ground. No strings attached.