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Join hundreds of libraries, schools, and community organizations as they change lives by running code clubs. Anyone can do it!
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“We are thrilled to be working with Prenda!”

– Rebecca Meehan
Woburn Public Library

No Expert Needed

Never coded a day in your life? You’re just what we’re looking for.

Ridiculously Easy

We’re talking the easiest program you’ve run your whole life.

Best Value

Services and prices designed for libraries, schools, and community orgs.

What Makes Prenda Different?

When it comes to starting a code club, many librarians, teachers, and community organizers are timid. The idea of code club interests them, but they don’t know where to start. Prenda provides the training, software and support that enables anyone to run a fun and engaging code club in their library, school, or community organization. This is the best program if you have little or no coding expertise or free time, and if you like having fun while you change lives.

We don’t just hand you some software and say “Have fun!” And we don’t just send you a video training and say “Watch this, and good luck!”


We give you the best software (that happens to be the only software designed for group-settings), deliver personalized one on one training sessions, and continue to walk alongside you until your code club is the most successful program you’ve run in years.

Want to learn how to run a code club?

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Transformational programming that matters.

No prep time required.
Don’t need to know how to code.
Consistently high attendence.
Give new job opportunities to kids.
Teach kids how to think rationally.
Your chance to change the world.

The Free Code Club Course

Every library. Every school. Every week. It's everything you need to know to get your DIY program off the ground. No strings attached.