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Traditional learning is outdated and inefficient.

Online learning relies too much on human willpower.

Prenda. Learning for the 21st Century

How it works

Online resources

We use computers and the internet to allow learning at any pace. Go fast, go slow, go sideways. There are many paths to mastery.

In-person meetings

Sitting in the same room on a regular basis provides the discipline, peer support, and just enough structure to motivate learners to stick with it.


Turning learning into a game makes it so fun they will come back. Complete with levels, scores, streaks and all the psychological tricks of their favorite video games.

Example: Code Club

We have been testing this hybrid learning model at libraries since launching our first Code Club in 2013. In a Code Club, kids or teens teach themselves computer programming in a facilitated, self-guided, informal learning model. This video gives you an idea of how works, or you can click the button below for more information.