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“Coding is the closest thing we have to a superpower.”

Drew Houston (Dropbox Founder, Coder, Billionaire)

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Schools, the longtime powerhouses of learning environments, are struggling to find ways to incorporate computer programming into their curriculum. We get it! Our program is designed in a way that anyone at the school can facilitate a code club – the librarian, a PE coach, or even the art teacher!



In the tech economy, computer programming skills are worth their weight in gold. Will the next Facebook come from your Code Club?


Kids are naturally creative and masters of technology. That’s why Code Clubs see repeat participants and lots of word of mouth.


It doesn’t take a software expert to run a Code Club. Learning is self-guided and all the content is online. We created the program so you can focus on creating an incredible experience for the coders.

See a code club in action in this short news clip:

Marrisa Ramirez-Ramos, Mom

“My son Cruz looks forward to Code Club each week. He has stuck with it for over a year now and he’s more interested than ever.”

Carter, 12-yr-old coder

Computer programming lets me go wherever I want to. It’s like freedom. Now I build websites for my friends.

Shawn Flecken, Librarian

“I started a Code Club a few months ago. I didn’t know much about coding, but I found that there was nothing to be nervous about. Prenda provided everything I needed to get up and running.”

Sarah Prosory, Librarian

Code Club is our best-attended program. I’ve never seen a return on investment this good on any other youth library programs.


Learn about what it takes to run a Prenda code club.

The Code Club Course

It's everything you need to know to get your DIY program off the ground. No strings attached.