Summer Code Club Program

Summer Code Club Program

For the first time in Prenda’s history, we’ve created a code club program designed for summer reading programs. And we are excited! This is going to be a great opportunity to serve kids all across the country with STEM programming at their local library....

Kathryn Melzer, Mom

“My twin daughters have been coding regularly for six months and they are making amazing things! Now their younger sisters are begging me to go to code club too.”

Kshama Rosales, Mom

“I’ve never seen my son get so excited about anything! It was like a duck in water.”

Janee Layton, Mom

“Code club is what my son looks forward to most each week. It has opened his eyes to what he can do with coding in the future and as a career!”

Jen Badgett, Mom

“The kids love code club so much that I can use it as leverage to get them to do their chores.”