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Interesting is something you do

It's now late summer, and the complaints of boredom are starting to register. Despite the strict "no complaining about being bored" policy at our house, my kids have played all the games, built everything they could think of out of blocks and legos (and other toys),...

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Shattering glass boxes with coding

Imagine a life inside a glass box. On the one hand, you would be safe and comfortable, immune to the dangers of the outside world. But you would also be limited in your reach and potential impact. You can see, but not touch, and after a while, you will probably wonder...

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A Coding Program So Easy, Anyone Can Do It

It’s not professional basketball. It’s not astrophysics. Not even Shakespeare. It’s coding. In a recent survey of library directors and children’s librarians, the number one reason for not hosting computer coding clubs was a lack of technical expertise from anyone in...

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Why coding programs are exactly what libraries need in 2016

“If I had a nickel for every snarky comment about libraries being irrelevant since the internet…”

It’s probably not a surprise that libraries are under pressure. Sure, the cocktail party comments are annoying. But if the politicians with the purse strings think of the library as a repository for dusty books that everyone has already downloaded to their Kindles, then we have a problem.

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Creativity is a beautiful thing.

Have you ever watched a child draw a picture? I find it beautiful. Like, sunset over the ocean beautiful. Planet Earth from space beautiful. It's the creation process. One moment there is a kid holding a crayon, looking at a blank sheet of paper. A few minutes later,...

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One reason to choose libraries instead of schools

Every time I share my vision of free computer programming for kids and teens, I get the same question: "why are you focusing on libraries instead of schools?" It's tough to answer, because there are 78 million kids at school all day, a place that exists for the sole...

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Can you run a Code Club?

Two years ago, I walked into a computer lab filled with 8-13 year olds and stood awkwardly in the front of the room. I gave them a URL and encouraged them to read, tinker and work through tutorials, first steps on the path to teaching themselves to code in javascript....

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